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the PaperLess Company can also cost effectively convert your paper copies to electronic copies and organize the files so they make sense and can be easily found.  

We can convert your reports, contracts, memo's, spreadsheets, drawings, maps, manuals, and even photographs. We scan the documents to pdf, capture the text in a searchable format if desired; link, bookmark, index and set up the program for you to manage your files going forward.  Then you can put your new electronic documents on your network and everyone in your office can have access to and view the shared files.  You will no longer  be making three paper copies of every document that enters the office. 

the PaperLess Company  is equipped with high speed scanners that can quickly and efficiently turn your warehouse of archived information into an easily accessible electronic format.  

You give us your hard copies and we will hand you back user friendly, organized, permanent documents on CD-ROM.  It is really that simple.

Click the photo below to see how the PaperLess Company can make that warehouse full of archived documents obsolete........




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